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A Unicorn of Greed by JakeNickleby A Unicorn of Greed by JakeNickleby
"She takes what she likes... and with it... the world goes dark".

Unicorns have been depicted as pure, innocent creatures. Like human children, unicorns do not know that the are creating a sin. Unicorns are drawn to the things they like, and so they take those things to keep for themselves. Little do these mystical beings know that their stealing will corrupt the universe around them.

This is a submission for LAIKA/house Facebook page's Creative Challenge for January 2013- Seven Deadly Unicorn Sins. Please save the unicorn and vote for her! To vote, all you need to do is click on the link below, then click "Like" and "Share"! It's that easy!


This piece was done with a collaboration of mediums- the first part was drawing the image by hand with pencil. The next step was digitally copying the design with an inkjet computer copier onto cardstock paper. Sections of the images were then extracted with an x-acto knife, and colored with mostly watercolor paint, but also used some acrylic paint and colored pens. A separate piece of cardstock was used as a backdrop, colored with watercolor. A second layer of cardstock was glued to all sections and backdrop to eliminate curling of the paper caused by excess water and to reinforce the sturdiness of the overall piece. Final product scanned with an HP printer.

Also on Tumblr [link]

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January 18, 2013
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